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Sound vacations

A Soundscape Project by l’appareil and guests. Pick a point on the map. click the link. A page opens, you see an “out the window” snapshot and hear an audio sample. From the site description: Some artists, all over the globe were asked to share their personal window. They made a few minutes field recording […]

Squyres gets a Wired Rave award

Category: Science. Here’s the scoop. (click back and forward on the article to read about the other Rave winners)

The war is over! — Right on the kisser

LA Observed notes the story of the nurse kissed by the sailor in that Eisenstaedt photo. Her story’s in The Daily News.

Barrel Fever

On Saturday, during a little break from the rain, I went to the Huntington Library and Gardens for a stroll through the cactus garden. Water droplets everywhere on the thirsty succulents: Whenever I’m in the section where all the barrell cactus are, I imagine this picture of what happens at night, after the Huntington closes […]


Washington Post: Why Stevie Can’t Spell A professional journalist and chronic (and I mean chronic) bad speller investigates the causes of bad spelling. [via Chris Nolan]. It’s a good view into the other side for someone who won the classroom spelling bees.

Moore’s Law in Action

1 GB USB Thumb drive. $79.95 ($20 off) @ your friendly neighborhood Radio Shack— the SanDisk Cruzer Mini. Comes bundled with a bunch of Windows utility software Backup/restore/synchronize. useless for me, but not for some. the 512MB one is $50. Aaah, 1GB in a teeny drive. Makes me remember fondly how cool the first Iomega […]

More rain

Well, last month’s storm of some 10-12 inches of rain is being matched by the current storm. The current rainfall puts this season at All Time #4 for rainfall for the Los Angeles area since they started recording things in 1877. Here are the record years to date. Year Rainfall (in inches) 1. 1883-1884 38.18 […]

Today is Free Mojtaba and Arash Day

The Committee to Protect Bloggers highlights the plight of two Iranian bloggers who are jailed/being prosecuted for keeping weblogs.

Site housekeeping

Discussion is back, Trackbacks are on. Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve turned trackbacking back on again. (got a load of trackback spam while away from net for the last coupla days. And this with WP 1.5 Sigh. Discussion is back, now that I copied over the “default” discuss template to replace the one […]

All this rain leads to Wildflowers!

It’s raining, it’s raining, the wildflowers are growing Let’s get outta town, look all around some weekend day on the morning! Desert Wildflower Watch (wow, look at the Death Valley images!) (Site has listings for CA, AZ, NV, NM, TX) Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve. Opens first weekend in March. Looks to be a good […]