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Cassini: Nature’s Canvas

The beauty of Saturn’s rings:NASA – Nature’s Canvas From the description of the image: In a splendid portrait created by light and gravity, Saturn’s lonely moon Mimas is seen against the cool, blue-streaked backdrop of Saturn’s northern hemisphere. Delicate shadows cast by the rings arc gracefully across the planet, fading into darkness on Saturn’s night […]

Fear of Flying (and traffic jams)

Geez. Between headline news about pat-down searches state-sponsored groping, the news that smiling for passport pictures is verboten, and RFID chips that will beam your passport info up to 30 feet away, I’ll stick to driving. [via Q Daily News] (The searches news makes me paranoid. Maybe I should wear a tin-foil hat. No, I […]

Three Hundred Sols And Counting reminds us that Spirit is still going, going, going: Woo-hoo! Three Hundred Sols And Counting. That’s the spirit!

Thanksgiving Family Geekery

While catching up on post-Thanksgiving blog reading, I got this hare-brained idea to list all the geek tools I used or witnessed at the Big Family Gathering at my brother’s house in the Las Vegas area. It’s a fitting follow up to my earlier post about the Tech Support Generation and Fixing Family Computers for […]

¡Como Comí!

That’s spanish for “Oh, I ate so much!” …the phrase mi cuñada (sister in law) uses for times such as these. Big gathering with everyone, my brother (the foodie) cooking, and Doc M and I tried out a new pumpkin pie recipe thanks to Cook’s Illustrated. It was a success. Hope your thanksgiving was as […]


Because you might need it: Turkey Help from the editors of Cook’s Illustrated.

Punk Shui

A contrarian’s view of Feng Shui: Punk Shui. Found thanks to Publisher’s Lunch, which wrote the following about the book that Punk Shui-er just sold (or is that Punker Shui?): Josh Amatore’s PUNK SHUI, a manifesto/how-to manual based on his website, which explains the benefits of creating chaos in your home, so in contrast you’ll […]

About the new patterned background….

The other night, I took a bunch of pictures of some art papers. Most of the pictures are being used on another site which I’ll give you the url to real soon now. But this squiqqly one didn’t fit. And it had to be used. So it’s goin’ here. I made that pattern using a […]

WordPress wp-layout.css Explained

Discovered this only afterwards (on another WP site, not this one. tho this one is getting a few nips and tucks today) WordPress wp-layout.css Explained

Hacking display of WordPress categories

Still hackin’ away in WordPress. What I want to do is create a category page that doesn’t list all the contents of that post, but title and excerpt. It’d look like this: Page Title this Category Post Title Excerpt (not entire post, just excerpt) Post Title Excerpt Helpful finds: Elastic Dog’s Faking Multiple Templates in […]