Friday, January 30, 2004  [!]
I'm addicted. But I really need to be doing some other things today. So this is my one and only post.

Today's Press Briefing by Asa and the AP story based on same. (long story short: Spirit flash memory is being cleared, some, will continue working the problem; trying to mix some science work with fixing flash problems [saw reports from late yesterday that full recovery is expected on spirit, woo hoo!] Mossbauer data collected from Spirit is being analyzed; team has smiles. Opportunity egresses off late tonight Friday night/Sat night/Sun morning earth time)

Robby Stephenson (who's got lotsa good stuff today) points to an interview with Jennifer Trosper -- What's it like to be a mission manager?

Xeni Jardin interviews Glenn Reeves, MER Flight Software Architect; they talk about Spirit's data and memory problems.

Oh. and if you have red blue glasses, you must MUST MUST!! go to this site: Thom Bone's Mars Site. [via Adot's Notblog*] The red/blue glasses I snagged at a JPL open house last year have served me well, and these images are incredible. (JPL factoid: Doc M says the on-lab store can't keep red/blue 3D glasses in stock; they sell out within hours of receiving a new shipment.)

Translating QTVR into meaning: Got this response from Dave Smith to a post extolling a QTVR of Spirit and Lander:

Thanks, Susan. My daughter loved the QTVRs. Now Mars means something.
I love it when those lightbulbs switch on in the brain. Hooray!

(taking a deep breath) must. yank. out. ethernet. plug. must. not. surf. web. must. not. post. any. more. today. Must. work. on. that. other. thing. (which requires a net connection to do. damn.)

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Wow. I guess Steve Jobs didn't blink. This is a story made for the pithy headline, such as : Pixar twists the Mouse's Tale. No, no. Make it Luxo, as in Luxo twists the Mouse's tale. Can't you hear that little squeak? Ah well, I guess Luxo isn't as well known as he (?) should be.

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