Monday, January 19, 2004  [!]
Spirit took a little Sunday drive. See pix (and animations).

CalTech (which administers JPL) is making making a little green off the red planet by licensing the rover designs. Lego's the big one with an extraplanetary product placement on the Rovers themselves.

Speaking of Rovers themselves (in plural), Opportunity, that other rover that is yet inside a traveling spacecraft, made its first trajectory correction in 4 months. Two more possible corrections to go before landing (which is 9:05 pm PST Saturday, January 24).

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Mars Express has reached its final polar orbit, and the instruments are still being calibrated. But it's already beginning to collect some cool imagery.

This is from the HRSC- the high-resolution stereo camera (captures 12 meters per pixel) .

Here's an image that shows two views: top part is a look from above, bottom is ground profile that's computer generated as if seen from low-flying airplane. Mars image at left is area on planet that appears in the image.

mars express 3d image:

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From Pasadena Star-News.
"We expect there will be some growth in activity at JPL, but not a particular expanding in the number of employees. Most likely the growth will be done in partnership with our industrial partners and university partners,' JPL Director Charles Elachi said. "I have no doubt it will help both the local economy and the regional economy.'

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