Wednesday, January 14, 2004  [!]
I'd compiled a couple of link lists, but they've scrolled off the home page. Thanks to Manila's Include Message macro, I created a set of links and then included them over on the left on my home page.

(housekeeping note: it was high time I got rid of that behind the curtain badge that was old old old. Other side-bar tasks suggest themselves, such as more recent foto and one of those one-liner self descriptions.)

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Watched the Bush appearance on NASA TV via Real Player. He pretty much said what's been previously reported.

The link is to the AP story about it. Here's CNN's.

UPDATE: Rand Simberg blogged the speech and dicusses its implications.

At the Wild About Mars event, someone asked about sending a bunch of smaller rovers. Send a mothership with a bunch of them. The call for proposals went out to the scientific community: What do you want to study there? Maybe that'll get on the front-burner if all goes as stated.

(Doubts have been expressed, given Bush's record of appearances proposing grand things, but reduced or no follow-through on the funding.)

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