Tuesday, January 13, 2004  [!]
Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern ... Bush talks from NASA Nat'l HQ in Wash DC. Vice President Dick Cheney will visit JPL. (Does this mean that JPL will get a bigger slice of the pie? Robots and Satellites are expensive, but not as 'spensive as the Space Shuttle.)

Live coverage NASA TV and probably on C-SPAN since they've been doing NASA coverate of late.

Spirit's Egress! Live!* Late Wednesday night, er, Thurs morning, 12:30 am (PST) Stay up late, play Pomp and Circumstance, crank it up loud, piss off your neighbors.
*Doesn't that sound kinda like Pilgrim's Progress?

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See it at eBay. Mrrroooowww

The PFHT [Pet Foil Hat Technology] contains space age materials, and is guaranteed to work for your pet. All government I/O is cut off. It's like a firewall for your pet's brain.

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File under notes-to-self re: site building. [via dangerousmeta]

Which reminds me, I saw something interesting yesterday worth exploring further: A Moveable Type Intranet.

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