Thursday, January 1, 2004  [!]
My first moment of consciousness today, huddled in bed after late-night movie watching: a distant plane roar announced the beginning of the Rose Parade. "oh, the planes," I said, and then rolled over and went back to sleep. Which, if you're recovering from respiratory crud, is the way to observe the local hometown parade. On TV. Later. (Channel 5 repeats damn near all day.) Some of the floats were nice enough that I'm bummed I couldn't go to the Fiesta Floats judging spree yesterday morning. Never gone to view the floats afterwards, despite living in the area a coupla decades. Always a time for firsts, though.

Speaking of firsts, I knocked one item off my oh-so-unserious Resolutions for 2004 list: I clarified butter. (Got Julia Child's The Way to Cook for Christmas) Like many just-done-for-the-first-time-things, naaaaah, it wasn't that hard. And the crepes were good, too!

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