Friday, January 24, 2003  [!]

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, I kiss you! Way to go! And the vote was unanimous, too.

Burns Night Well, okay, his birthday is really tomorrow, January 25. But since I'm going to a Burns night tonight, I'm noting it today. Hmmm.I looked for an appropriate link, and from on Robert Burns, I found this: Robert Burns was member of 'scandalous religious sect'

It is thought the 23-year-old Burns was attracted by a "young and beautiful" member of the sect, which was led by the charismatic Elspet Buchan. Buchan saw herself as an embodiment of the Holy Spirit and claimed she could pass the Godhead from person to person by mouth.

The Buchanites caused outrage and disgust in Irvine with their loose morals and what Burns referred to as the "great farce of pretended devotion in barns and woods, where they lodge and lye all together".

And I was gonna type a wee greet about haggis an' luve an' a' that.