Thursday, January 23, 2003  [!]

My web/mail hosting company is now offering spam assassin. I flipped the switch yesterday to turn it on (can't do anything to configure it or anything). Spam count today is much, much lower. I was regularly deleting 30+ pieces of spam 3 or more times per day. I guess that puts the count at 100/day.

These are busy, runaround times with light posting.

Peer pressure begins early. My brother tells me about how his family's adjusting to taking the baby (almost 2 years old) to daycare. The first day, after she comes home, she finds her nyeah-nyeah (pacifier, abandoned a while back) and starts sucking on it. One of the other kids there had one. This is only the beginning.

Saddam's bodyguard interview in Debkafile: Part one: Saddam's Shark Pool, Described by former bodyguard. Interview, part two: I know where the weapons [of mass destruction] are.