Tuesday, January 21, 2003  [!]

Mitnick Returns I read yesterday that today Kevin Mitnick is allowed back on the computer and internet. (How long will it take to delete all his spam?) Slashdot is gonna interview him.

All right, I'll post more. I was intrigued by this tidbit because the notion of being away from the net for years and years is an oddity for someone so technical. What's that like? Now I've done a bit more research on Kevin Mitnick, and offer a few things here:

so there's this guy.... So there's this guy from Prague. He's a short guy, just under 5 feet, and is in the U.S. Some dustup happens with the INS, mebbe related to homeland security, and he wants to hide. He goes to a town where some relatives of his Prague neighbors live, and he asks one of them, "Will you cache a small Czech?"

How does it feel now, congresspeople? Archipeligo notes Aaron's note that "Congress gets a taste of its own medicine: the Blackberry (Crackberry) mobile email client, used by everyone in Congress, was found to be in violation of a dumb patent; now Congress is begging for them to be kept alive." My my! The statement says that this lawsuit "could jeopardize the public interest." Hrmmm. How many other similar jeopardize-the-public-interest statements could be said about other patent infringement lawsuits? Why are congresspeople more public than others?