Monday, January 20, 2003  [!]

Rest in Peace, Al Hirschfeld Caricaturist Al Hirschfeld, age 99, died today. CNN AP/WaPost Thanks for all those NINAs to hunt for. I first encountered his work on a theatre poster in a high school English classroom, and I've been hunting NINAs ever since.There's a web site with an online gallery,, but it's getting hammered right now. Wait a while and then go.

Hurry Kids! 11 more days to name the Mars Rovers NASA's Name the Rovers Contest, which ends January 31, 2003, is open to all students in grades K - 12 in the U.S. and possessions and overseas US schools.

rover on red rocks:

See more pictures of Mars Rovers being built on my JPL family day report

We aim to please... you aim too, please Fly UI. Brilliant. [via Instapundit] Then again, I don't have the necessary equipment to fully appreciate it, but it's a boy counterpart to my well-received What real women do with duct tape

of the fruit of the grape Drank one of the bottles of wine from the recent winery trip. I don't usually go in for whites, but the Santa Barbara Winery's Sauvignon Blanc (2000) is exceptional. Next trip north to Santa B, I wanna stop by and get some more.

Oh, and I never uploaded the third batch of pictures. Gotta rectify that right now!

wineries signs:

mountains on bike ride:
We went on a bike ride up a scenic road. They told us that Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch is somewhere along this road. We didn't see it, or if we did, we didn't recognize it (no gorilla was out front to indicate which one)

hills trees and field:

tree bike ride:

live oaks in hills:

hills trees sky:

behind the emporium:
These next pictures are taken at the Wine Emporium in Los Olivos. This is behind the Wine Emporium.

jenna bush cel fone sign:

lane tanner statue:
A local artist created this statue of local vintner Lane Tanner as a female Bacchus. It's shown here with a bottle of Lane Tanner wine.

I think that there is yet another batch of pictures from this trip. More to come!

[first and second batches of Santa Ynez Wine country fotos]