Friday, January 17, 2003  [!]

Blue skies. Warm. So Cal Winter. What happened to El Niño storms?

Tucson eats Note to self: Two Sides of Tucson.

Beautiful Outrage How to be outraged about all this gubmint stuff and do something about it? I'm toying with hosting a letter-writing party, where, instead of bitching, or ignoring strident bitching about "things these days" we'll write letters to our representatives and urge them to represent US.

Upgrade Time My Dad's tired of the old computer (Something or other in the 601 Power PC range, 70 MHz. 500MB Hard drive). I'd already turned him onto Google; this time I told him to lookup Google for Used iMac. He's gettin' himself an iMac education. Now knows that "snow" is a color, not some kinda white-noise producing mystery. ; ) It's good to give advice and talk features when one's parent knows *some*thing about the computer other than "well, it's about time we got one." (which describes the learning curve position when the first slowpoke computer was purchased some years back.)

You know that Murphy's Law is at work when the 'puter that your Dad is gonna shell out ~$500 for is faster than your main computer purchased 3.5 years ago (a the time, the top of the line powerbook). But my "CFO" (ahem) is not authorizing any capital expenditures right now.