Thursday, January 16, 2003  [!]

Shuttle launched today. This is the mission that was originally due to lift off in July, but those damn little leaks stopped things for a while. I'm looking at the Yahoo news fotos slideshow. Here are a couple of thumbs:

go columbia: shuttle liftoff thumbnail:

One of the advantages of having seen a launch and posted launch photos, is that, thanks to Google, people find them then email me with questions. I've been correpsonding with someone who attended today's launch from the Banana Creek viewing site.

What photo tips could I offer, or information about the lenses that I used? My advice: Don't shoot. Get a pair of binoculars and watch. That bird flies far too fast to waste your time shooting. (Especially if there's any cloud cover, else the shuttle will fly behind it at the best times). Other people shoot the liftoff. Get pictures from them. Silly silly silly. I heard several people say that in the few days before the launch. Did I pay attention? Sort of. I gave myself permission to stop shooting and watch. By that time, though, that cloud had shown up. I am curious to hear how it went for my correspondent.

And the band played on.... silently
Breathe deep the gathering gloom.
Lots of follow up on the Supremes and the Sonny Bono act. Don't know if I can get it all.

(oh, how I wanted to make up a joke about Sonny Bono suffering mightily in purgatory, and the tortures will last as long as copyright extension remains in effect. But my attempts were lousy and maudlin. You get the idea. Repentance beyond the grave. They extended copyright again? aiyeeeeee! oucccch! oh noooooooo.)

Someone's suing, lord, kumbaya.... It's old news, but telling: 8-23-96: Wall Street Journal: ASCAP extorts money (well, okay, it's technically legal) from Girl Scouts so they can sing around the campfire.

"They buy paper, twine and glue for their crafts -- they can pay for the music, too," says John Lo Frumento, Ascap's chief operating officer. If offenders keep singing without paying, he says, "we will sue them if necessary." No more "Edelweiss" free of charge. No more "This Land Is Your Land." An Ascap spokesman says "Kumbaya" isn't on its list, but "God Bless America" is.
8/26/96: ASCAP backpeddles.
ASCAP has never sought, nor was it ever its intention, to license Girl Scouts singing around a campfire. ASCAP has never brought nor threatened to bring suit against the Girl Scouts. Any reports to the contrary are absolutely false. Yes, but wasn't that quote above from ASCAP's COO?
8/28/96 Wall Street Story about ASCAP's reversal:
In a contrite statement Monday, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers said it has "never sought, nor was it ever its intention, to license Girl Scouts singing around the campfire." The society also said it will reimburse 16 girl scout councils that did pay fees this summer ranging from $77 to $257 for the right to sing songs.