Tuesday, January 7, 2003  [!]

Somehow didn't get around to posting anything yesterday, Epiphany. My head was down in code learning land, and an epiphany was in order.

Macworld Analysis Charles Wiltgen, formerly of Apple and expert of all things QuickTime, provides Macworld keynote analysis (minus reality distortion field) Apple gives in to RealSystems and Windows Media, "I/O, I/O, where's USB two-oh," and Safari Notes.

More on Safari: Mark Pilgrim puts it through its paces as far as standards go.

Edge.org: Question for 2003 "What are the pressing scientific issues for the nation and the world, and what is your advice on how I can begin to deal with thttp://www.edge.org/q2003/question03_index.htmlhem? --GWB" No, Dubya didn't actually ask the question, but there are answers aplenty. Many point to Alan Alda ("I will simply ask permission to put a glass of water on your desk every day with little things swimming in it. Sooner or later, you'll slip and drink from it, and while you're in the hospital, we can talk about the billion or so people who have nothing else to drink."). I haven't read more than that one, but have skimmed over the highlights. This highlight caught my eye, by Leo M. Chalupa:

A key aspect of this program is the prize: $100,000 to each high school senior and $1,000,000 to the college counterparts. The total annual cost of the program (including administration) would be less than $250 million, while its impact would be dramatic and long lasting. With serious prize money on the line science would no longer be just for the "weird" kids. Indeed, doing science would be seen as cool.

Macworld Macworld Keynote news blogged by MacCentral.com. Apple is displaying their new toys: new powerbooks, new software: Safari, Keynote, iLife and Final Cut Express. Safari's a new browser. Does it support standards? Yes:

Rest assured, Safari renders Web pages properly according to the latest Internet standards. So pages that use advanced HTML, XHTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript and Java specifications just look right.[Read More]

Verily, the sign of horrors Verisignoff: a blog for sharing horror stories and how tos to get domain doings out of the incompetent clutches of Verisign.

related: The Register: Network Solutions Inc Returns From the Dead.Verisign creates a subsidiary--not to sell it, but for brand identity.

Two towers are references to what?!? A, well, review--and analysis of The Two Towers. Thou Shalt Not Take This Seriously. Seen on the website of a friend who, for inexplicable reasons, thought they were sincere. No wonder he was shocked, shocked.

Koreatalk Talking Points Memo has had some good comments re: the whole Korea mess of late.

Space News:

Suni's gonna go NASA selects second woman of Indian origin for space mission None other than Sunita (Suni) Williams, whose autograph and picture I got when I was at Kennedy Space Center last May.

Earth and Asteroid Play Cat and Mouse "The first asteroid discovered to orbit the Sun in nearly the same path as Earth will make its closest approach to our planet this month before scurrying away for 95 years." Check out the picture of the asteroid's orbit, staggering near our planet like a lurching drunkard.

Corona Wendy Carlos Eclipse Page Wendy Carlos (the synth musician) has been to most all the total eclipses since 1970 and has some great shots of the sun's corona. (Via a link from someone, I forgot who)

Follow the bouncing ball, er Tumbleweed Rover Whittier Daily News: In Alaska, JPL scientists test concept for Tumbleweed Rover: "a giant beach-ball [that] has a tough nylon shell and carries a suite of scientific instruments in its air-filled belly." First Alaska, then Mars.