Friday, January 3, 2003  [!]

Today's 01 03 03; I missed it that yesterday was 01 02 03 (by American month-day-year standards)

on 01 30 03 And on the 30th of the month, A. S. Byatt will be in town. The occasion is the U.S. publication of her book The Whistling Woman, the 4th in the Frederica series (The Virgin in the Garden, Still Life, Babel Tower, and now this one). I met Ms. Byatt back in '95; she told me that there'd be two more books in the series (Babel Tower wasn't yet out). Yippee! The event is a conversation with local L.A. writer David Ulin, editor of a Writing Los Angles; A literary Anthology, and former editor of Pen Center USA West's Center Magazine, which I did the design/graphics for way back when.

Walkies! Ian's doing walkies! Congratulations, Hal and Audrey! (and watch out!)

Pasadena's coming up apples The Pasadena Apple Store will open Tuesday evening, 01 07 03

quarter roll California state quarter designs. See 'em all and then vote. Some are, sigh, not so good. And these are the top 20 out of more than 8000 submissions. Oof. [via Backup Brain] Interesting. after you vote, you get to see a tally of results. My choice (#8) was rendered in low-contrast pencil, which doesn't show up well in thumbnail size. It had a lower percentage of votes. I wonder if designs that are high-constrast, or contain significant dark areas, get higher numbers of votes. I think that #8 is, by and large, more beautiful, and would benefit from a do-over by a graphic artist. The state quarter selection process.