Thursday, January 2, 2003  [!]

On Copying text from Browsers Doc blogs something I'd noticed before but hadn't posted anything about nor blogged: The inability to copy text from certain web sites (solution: view source instead). I'd noticed this too. In my learnings about CSS (cascading style sheets), I've come across it before.

My ad hoc findings: Pages that are set up with div tags rather than layouts will have a main div that is copyable, and another div that is not. (2 column layouts or more than 2 column layouts function this way). IE Mac won't be able to copy more than one of those columns. But Mozilla can and does copy. Any other findings? UPDATE: one response to a question I posed on a CSS email list notes this page containing a javascript snippet to disable text selection. Not the answer, but worth noting, methinks.

Ticketstubs Ticketstubs: A new site. Post your own ticketstub images and stories about the events. [via Q daily news]

on 2002 2002 was a good year for first novels (NY times, reg required). [via Wanna Write]

Dumbledore is now Gambon After the death of Richard Harris, the role of Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at Hogwarts, will be played by Michael Gambon. [via dangerousmeta]