Saturday, July 27, 2002  [!]

Last night I saw Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner), a film based on an ancient Inuit legend. My jaw is dropped in awe. I can only parrot what others have been saying, "indigenous filmmaking" "epic" and amazing amazing.... shot with digital video then later converted to film, many scenes are set inside of igloos by seal-oil lamplight. Amazing.

The above-linked website describes some of the methods and impact of filming this story: script derived from the words of 8 tribal elders who describe the story as told to them from their respective ancestors. (They have no written language, so All History Is Oral.) Of the costuming and props, developed from both ancient tradition and the journals of the first westerners to journey to those parts. The Inuit cast and crew learning acting and moviemaking on the job (and doing a damn fine job of it!), and the beautiful way in which everything in this movie served to strengthen their ties to their own culture and history.

It was kinda hard to know who was who in some of the earlier scenes, but that didn't stop me from getting totally absorbed in this nearly 3-hour movie.