Friday, July 26, 2002  [!]

Under Google's Radar NY Times: Net Users Try to Elude the Google Grasp Very timely, in light of a recent discussion I had with someone who doesn't want to be searchable in Google. UPDATE: I just learned that this article was what prompted this discussion. How recursive!

Under Union Pacific's Radar L.A. Weekly: The Hobohemians

But since the early '90s, train-hopping has been gaining ground among a new generation of tramps. The grizzled old hobos may be dying off, but they're being replaced in boxcars and on the porches of grain cars by street kids, gutter punks, dreamy anarchists and eco-warriors, train-obsessed professionals, all held loosely together by a vision of freedom as old as the nation itself, an America of movement and self-reliance, of mythic vastness and silence, of discovery, escape, rebellion.
Learning new tricks I'm boning up on accessibility, XHTML, CSS and bunches of other stuff. I probably will break and then fix Dreamweaver, too. Aside from all this, I tweaked my template to put my name and the site name at the top of each page. (flying under Google's radar? Who me? No way! Higher, higher!)

I'm starting to replace bold tags (<b></b>)with strong (<strong></strong>) tags, too.

More stuff to explore (an ongoing To Do list, and Done list):