Thursday, July 25, 2002  [!]

A hearty dose of trivia Suppose your heartbeat averages 82 beats per minute. How many times will your heart beat in a 4 week period? I did the math: 3,306,240 times. Now, supposing that your heart got better all of a sudden four weeks ago, you'd have 3.3 million new kindsa beats! :D (those are qualititatively different than the ~60,769,872,000 beats that preceded.)

Fast Food Nation, redux I have not (yet) read the book (yes, it's on my list), though I've read a number of articles and blog entries about it. The latest, courtesy of rebecca's pocket, is a Globe and Mail article discussing excessive corporate power.

The 21st century, Mr. Schlosser predicted, "will no doubt be marked by a struggle to curtail excessive corporate power." The challenge facing the world, he wrote, is how to balance "the efficiency and the amorality" of the market.

...There was one significant flaw in Mr. Schlosser's reasoning, however. The tide of public sentiment has turned, but not for the reasons he predicted.

Like many others before, he argued that a backlash would come because Corporate America had failed workers at the lowest end of the wage scale, had failed consumers, and had failed the environment.

What he did not foresee was that the backlash would instead come from the people who were always considered a central part of the system. [Read More]

socially acceptable PeterMe lists an intriguing list of articles of social science research on how the internet affects how people relate to each other. I'll have to look into it more deeply [via Scott Rosenberg]

Speaking of Salon, congrats to UserLand and Salon for

Hugs to Garret and family.

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