Thursday, July 18, 2002  [!]

Blog Meetup Day is today. The Pasadena-Pomona area group will meet west of all of this in Glendale. Okay, close enough for me. But west of all communities described. But it's not as far as Santa Monica (the LA area one I previously looked at), and large enough (11 people!) in its own right to be in the Top 50 of Most Popular or Well Attended or something.

Speaking of Local each drive along the 210 (Foothill) Freeway shows progress in the construction of the Metro Line. There's some sign that says (I think) but there's nothing there. I guess I'll have to look sharp on the next drive for the real site url. I thought it was the blueline, and indeed, there is a website for the LA-Pasadena line. Poking around, I see that there's a section about Station Art for the different Metro stations.

Local Art — Performance Just heard about this free performance series in downtown L.A. near MOCA. Each weekend, on either Thurs, Fri or Saturday night (and daytimes, too). Bring your own picnic and wine.