Monday, July 15, 2002  [!]

Blog HOSPITALity Glenn F explores setting up a service for medical blogging, to enable blogs for those undergoing medical treatments, in order to keep friends and family informed of progress. Absolutely wonderful idea! I've done this twice (most recent is quite recently!), and it's a good thing for all concerned patient, close caregivers, family n friends. Plus, it gives the blogging person something to do besides ringing her hands.

Oh, and by the way, let me add my well-wishes to Marek! Feel better, dude.

mappa mundi Cool! Jet Propulsion Laboratory announces that high resolution data maps of certain areas outside U.S. will be made available.

NASA and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, partners in the shuttle mapping mission, agreed this week on a policy to provide 90-meter (295-foot) resolution digital-elevation mission data from sites outside the United States to qualified researchers. Selected data will simultaneously become available to the public.
The JPL site shows how much better the new maps are with side-by-side comparisons of old topo maps with the better, newer ones from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. (The mission was flown in Feb 2000 and data has been processed all this while.... getting readier and readier for release on a map-hungry public!)

spam spam spam spam The Spam has got to go, by John Patrick [via Scripting News]. Do tell! For me, it's so waaaay outta hand. I know that my own efficiency with reading/responding to email has gone way down as a result of the increase in spam.

I used to think that spam was akin to junk mail that we all get in our physical mailboxes. I once even argued that I got more junk postal mail than junk email. Those days are long gone. It has now become a daily deluge. It is analogous to people driving by your house and stuffing your mailbox with trash and pornographic materials and other insults to your intelligence and your morals. People are advised to get a new email address to avoid the problem. That is analogous to having to pick up your furniture and family and move to a new house. And then within days if not hours, be found and have your mailbox stuffed once again.

Earlier today I started setting up some spam filters (something that verio web hosting provides). say goodbye to emails with the subject line, "penis enlargement". I did a double-take on a misspelling on "peneis"; was it some dumb illiterate, or someone who wanted to counteract filters such as the one I just put in place?

Is correlation causation? Did spam just all of a sudden increase? Or did my beginning this site, with its oft-changing content, an email-scraper magnet for spam? Alas, this site integrally uses my eminently usable and therefore scrapable email address. But on another site, I list another email address under my domain, and I've been getting more email to that address, too. Feh. Time to re-do that site anyhow.

LA Blogs. Cool. I'm gonna join.

Hey cool! Thursday, there's a Blog Meetup day at Britannia Pub in Santa Monica. Looks like there was an LA gathering party over the weekend. Doc was there. Oh well. It's not as if I had any energy for one. Mebbe next time.