Saturday, July 13, 2002  [!]

yay. I'm vertical, not fatiguevertigo.

grounded Shuttle Fleet Grounded Until September We were lucky—all told, the June 5 Shuttle Launch was delayed by a total of a month (beginning of May till end of May, and then, after we got there, under a week)

music biz is for the music biz, not the musician Saw this article by Janis Ian (who wrote At Seventeen) discussing and refuting the music industry biz notion that internet music downloads will be the final death knell for musicians and industry and everyone, everyone. [via Adam Curry]

The premise of all this ballyhoo is that the industry (and its artists) are being harmed by free downloading.

Nonsense. Let's take it from my personal experience. My site ( ) gets an average of 75,000 hits a year. Not bad for someone whose last hit record was in 1975. When Napster was running full-tilt, we received about 100 hits a month from people who'd downloaded Society's Child or At Seventeen for free, then decided they wanted more information. Of those 100 people (and these are only the ones who let us know how they'd found the site), 15 bought CDs. Not huge sales, right? No record company is interested in 180 extra sales a year. But… that translates into $2700, which is a lot of money in my book. And that doesn't include the ones who bought the CDs in stores, or who came to my shows.

lights out Milky Way Revealed — The Night the Lights Went Out in New York City

A great meandering milky swath of stars that can never be seen from under bright city lights is readily visible overhead on summer nights from distant suburbs and rural locations. Once, years ago, residents of New York City had an opportunity to see this remarkable Milky Way, our galaxy's central concentration of stars.

July 13 will mark the 25th anniversary of a night I will always remember. At about 9:30 p.m., lightning from a severe thunderstorm struck a power plant at Indian Point, New York.

suitcase More than once I've prepared to leave on a trip and someone asks me, "Will you take me in your suitcase?" This woman actually did.