Friday, July 12, 2002  [!]

Fatigue I'm layin' low.... the last 8 weeks' travels (BryceCamp, Florida Kennedy Space Center, GrandCanyon/Las Vegas, Stanford area) and dealing with someone getting surgery have caught up to me. Damn. I'm whupped. Fightin' to keep a sore throat away.

Looking for new solitaire games to play (with a pack of cards), I found these solitaire rules. Now I get to figure out what a tableau and foundation are. I guess I can grok it from reading the rules to Klondike.

Card playing FAQ. (Why is a Jack and Jack and not a prince or duke? Why is the ace of spades bigger and fancier than other aces? Why does an ace rank higher than a king?)

For you Jane Austen fans, the rules to whist.

Oh, and speaking of Stanford, US News & World Report (July 2002) ranks it highly among nations hospitals. #9 for heart.

Lovely Bones Wedneday: Go to post office, collect mail. Vroman's bookstore catalogue: Ooh! Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones is reading and signing tonight! I go, I listen. I am moved. I pick up a book. She signs it. Driving in the car immediately afterwards, I hear the Fresh Air interview with her, not 15 minutes after she signed my book. (I read the book. Page-turner. It's good, I recommend it.)