Wednesday, July 10, 2002  [!]

Home again, where it's hot sweaty summer. Good thing my condo complex has a pool. : ) Good thing the car has a good air conditioner in it, too. And an external temperature sensor. Hottest temperature yesterday driving from N. CA to the central valley to S. CA? 119° F a little east of the Casa De Fruta on Highway 152 (Pachecos Pass, heads off of 101 at Gilroy). The car windows were hot to the touch. No, I did not roll down the windows to see how hot it was. Had to keep The Patient cool. 119° is only 9 degrees shy of the national high at Death Valley (128°) yesterday.

Baseball, shredding, and Arthur Anderson Saw this in the print version of the SF Chronicle yesterday, here's an online version: Portland to pay homage to Arthur Anderson. Anyone named Arthur gets into the game free. Same goes for anyone named Anderson. First person named Arthur Anderson gets quite a suite party deal, too. Bring documents to the game to shred.