Sunday, June 30, 2002  [!]

A couple named Bing have donated a lot of art that lives on the walls of Stanford Medical Center. There's a Bing Auditorium at the L.A. County Museum of Art; I assume it's named after the same Bings as the donors of the art on the walls here.

The first day I was here (day before The Surgery), I vaguely noticed the presence of the art--framed images each with a business-card sized placque with Title/Artist/Media/Year/Donor. The Day of Surgery I have no idea. Sometime in the last couple of days I began to take in a few of them. Before I got to really noticing the art, I noticed the gardens. Nice flowers. Very soothing. Right now I like soothing things. Today I noticed the art even more, since the patient (who is now in the StepDown unit, aka Intermediate Intensive Care, has been since yesterday afternoon) is taking a few walks per day. There's some cool stuff on the walls.

We wandered into the adjoining Lucille Packard Children's Hospital. The art there is better. Well, maybe not better. We just like it more. Original prints or paintings that go in children's books next to the book opened to the same page.

There's an atrium area that's open to all four floors of the hospital. (lovely view of another garden just outside through tall set of windows) On the ground level is a baby grand piano. There are concerts a couple of days per week (a concert series sponsored by--you guessed it--that same Bing couple). But today a woman brought her sheet music to just practice. Soothing. I heard it on my way in to visit the patient, said, "There's some music playing right now if you want to go for a walk." A nice thing to walk out to.