Friday, June 28, 2002  [!]

Volunteers who wear pink vest-like tunics, hand out jolly rancher hard candies, and answer questions are an angelic breed.

So are the nurses in constant attendance of just-operated-on patients.

Happy are the visitors who observe notable progress with each visit (every 2 hours). (I count myself among this group)

Relieved are certain Californians who thank God that there was no major earthquake yesterday in Northern California while a certain patient was in on the operating table. (yeah, I'm in this group, too)

Stanford Medical Center rocks. They take good care of family/friends of patients. Yeah, and they take good care of patients, of course! Not only that, but they have net access on very fat pipes in the cafeteria and in the medical library.

Happy is (will be) the patient when the printouts of the comments in the private blog (so far so good with Movable Type) are printed out from the terminal in the medical library and greetings from well-wishers are (will be) read aloud during the next visit to bedside.

And a big public hug to Al and Jason who are in the noble health-care profession, seeking to deliver excellent care despite all the wacked-out circumstances that make their jobs a pain in the you-know-what.