Friday, June 14, 2002  [!]

Shuttle Mission STS-111 Update Third Spacewalk to repair Space Station robot arm's wrist-roll jointó a success!

Epcot Snaps Here are some shots of Epcot (the first of the Disney parks I visited, before photo burnout set in)

this picture spot:
And what, among other things, might cause a case of photo burn out?

5 fotos:
Perhaps it was being among the crowd that was snapping, snapping, snapping, eh?

Yes, I did snap away, and did manage to capture this one

senses spheres:

sparkly tiles:
There are some cool tiles near the entrance (by this time, exit) that glow and then dim.

sparkly glow fg:
My companion, upon seeing these images, said, "Oh so *that's* what you were doing... *that's* what you were trying to capture!" I guess it looked different from elsewhere, a solitary stationary person shooting the backs of people's legs as they all walk by.

sparkly blur fg:

But wait! there's more photo shenanigans just around the corner, under that sphere and among some stone blocks!

epcot sphere bottom:

blocks oblique view:

kid among blocks:

epcot blocks: