Monday, June 10, 2002  [!]

Eclipse this afternoon! Best spot to see it in San Diego, but Southern California is okay... 77% eclipse. Remember, don't look at the sun directly!

STS-111 update; The Mobile Remote Servicer Base System, or MBS (don't they have easy-to-comprehend names in Astronaut-land?) has been installed. When the whole shebang is completed, there'll be something like a little trolley car that runs along the truss (the main girder that keeps everything together on the space station), and on it will live the CanadaArm2, the space station's mechanical robot. Riding back and forth along the truss, the robotic back-scratcher will then be able to get to *any* hard-to-reach location.

Gyroscope fails on Space Station It's one of four; it helps keep the Space Station pointed in the right orientation.

"Big picture-wise losing a CMG is a big deal. This is a major component. But from a risk perspective right now, we're in good shape," [Flight Director Paul] Hill said.

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I'm catching up on news and weblogs that I missed while I was gone. <sigh sigh sigh sigh> If there was an ostrich-sighting at Disney's Animal Kingdom, that would be me.