Saturday, May 25, 2002  [!]

Some Pictures from BryceCamp in Sedona

sedona lab:
A great computer lab facility...

sedona center moonrise:
Last night we watched the sun set and the moon rise at the very end of BryceCamp at the Sedona Center for Arts and Technology

In the middle of the week we went on an adventure....

pink jeep:
We clambored into pink jeeps which drove us out to a spot where we could see red cliffs all around us.

We were very fortunate to have in our group Steve Reynolds, professor of geology at Arizona State University, and who, in a previous job, created the latest version of the geology maps for Arizona. He pointed out all manner of things about the rocks and cliffs around us...

sedona rocks:

red rock shadows:

...home again and soon to be gone again to a Space Shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center in Florida!

There'd been some problem with something to do with coolant. Happily, the repair can be done right on the launch pad, else the launch'd be delayed 2 weeks.

Cape Canaveral Weather