Wednesday, May 22, 2002  [!]

Today's presentations were on terrains. Then, for sunset, we all went out in the pink jeeps to a spot to see the geological sights. We are privileged to have in our group none other than Steven Reynolds, a professor who teaches geology at Arizona State University in Tempe. Steven used to work for the Arizona Geological Survey and completed the latest iteration of Arizona's geological maps. He told us about the land we were standing on and the places we were looking at... the red rocks of sedona are in the same layer that is about half way down the Grand Canyon. And more stuff like that.

When we came back, he gave the evening presentation on how he's using Bryce to teach geology and the kind fo visualization and skills necessary to be a field geologist. Mind-blowing stuff. See some of his work as interactive QTVR movies at his web site:

I also added a brief bit on understanding DEM data for Bryce, as well as the exciting developments about the latest data that's being processed even right now from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission.

I'd post pictures but the hour is late and I'm on all day tomorrow teaching Bryce materials and the DTE and I need my sleep and last minute prep time.