Tuesday, May 21, 2002  [!]

Oh, what a locale!

sedona center:
Bryce Camp is taking place at the Sedona Center for the Arts and Technology; there's a beeeeeeautiful computer lab on the premises. And when you go out the door, oh, the views! The views!!

sedona downtown:
Here are the hills of Sedona seen from the main highway that runs through town

sedona afternoon:
The view from the parking lot here at the Sedona Center.

There. Have I made you jealous? ; )

Over lunch, we had some great discussions of the way that Bryce is being used in the teaching of Geology at ASU (Arizona State University), and there was lots of good information about topography data and satellite mapping. Here are some web sites... need to check 'em out later...

[these are taken from URLs that people are writing on the whiteboard in the front of the lab... I'm transcribing them here, and adding a few of my own from last week's DEM explorations]

MrSid Image Server:

High resolution satellite images (thematic mapping—highlighting geology and vegetation) of earth's surface;http://www.lizardtech.com/ has the MrSid viewer.

The newest RGB tiles of the entier earth's surface. They're global maps and they're up to 1km resolution (1 pixel per kilometer of the earth's surface); full file size (at 1km resolution) is 600MB. Ouch! Whee! (the 1km resolution used to be available for download, but after demand killed the servers, you have to get them on CD.

http://www.mapmart.com A *very* cool site for free download of DEMs. Great interface. Click maps, zoom in to quadrants, then select, and download up to 10 maps at a time.

http://devil.beyond.net.au — jpegs of other planets as spherical maps.

http://www.nacis.org/cp/cp28/resources.html Tom Patterson of the National Park service describes, in a tutorial, how to drape satellite images onto digital elevation data that have been brought into Bryce as terrains.

http://www.pittswebb.com/ has a section of maps and satellite images.

http://www.bsmooth.de/bsolutions/ Klaus Busse's list of tips for Bryce... including total internal refraction, depth of field, advanced render options.

ALSO: I have some other very good links DEM/SRTM related on my page for last Friday Mail This Story