Saturday, May 18, 2002  [!]

Going to Bryce Camp in Sedona tomorrow...

Crossin' items off my To Do list...

Note to housesitter about plant-watering. Mail hold. Pay bills. Find Laser Pointer (aack; when's the last time I saw it?) Pack. Charge batteries. Cel fone charger. etc.

Writer's Workshop series at Vroman's begins June 8. I've enjoyed those Saturday mornings, getting ready for a new set of 'em.

Star Wars: One of the better ways to see it is to not plan to and do it on a lark. 10:15pm: "Look! They have an 11:00 show! I wanna go, but I wanna do something on my To Do list. I think I can go home and pay my bills in 20 minutes and get back in time for the trailers." I don't know whether it's motivation or rationalization, but the bills got paid very fast! Utter rock-bottom expectations means that the movie wasn't half bad (well, except for the two-actors-in-a-dialog part). C3PO had the best lines. Great scenery. Yoda is wicked cool.

Gotta load up the earthstink dial up stuff on my computer so I can be a digital road-warrior and connect from other places. Why? So that should the mood strike (and it prolly will) I can blog all the events surrounding the Space Shuttle Launch on May 30th. This'll includes some VIP events at Kennedy Space Center, too. How'd I get in for all this stuff? [shrug] Hey, I'm just along for the ride... all I gotta do is wear my pearls and say, "I'm thrilled... pleased.... proud!" (and blog it, of course, with pictures)

earthstink install.... arrgh. They overwrote all of my browser preferences. (fonts and size and all; browser colors, default email address....) I suppose I could look on the bright side and say that they didn't throw away all my bookmarks! They also trashed the cookie that declares that I can edit this site. Yeeesh, does that mean that they trashed all my stored cookies? I knew that there'd be some horrid bite to all of this.