Friday, May 17, 2002  [!]

DEM esoterica. DEM straight. DEM stands for Digital Elevation Model, something of interest to Brycers. I'm doing research. Annotated links here. Prolly boring for you, but helpful for me.

(If you want to see something interesting, go follow Garret's links and commentary on the unfolding furor of what the intelligence community knew or didn't know about terrorist hijacking plans or go read Doc Searls' extensive blogging yesterday about that emerging technology conference in the bay area)

DEM stuff

SDTS news from the USGS

MacDEM is a MacOS app that reads USGS DEM files, SDTS DEM files (how many versions? all of 'em?) and can convert them. And cool! check it out! MacDEM also reads DTED files (the NIMA standard). Very cool!!; it exports 16-bit elevation data to PGM files which Bryce imports (according to the features list; gonna have to try that, since the number and kinds of DEM files that Bryce can actually import are, well, pretty icky.) Cool! some of the recent betas updated things so that it can import SRTM files! yeeeeehawwwww!!!!

this MacDEM site is a find. Each page yields great stuff; now I discover that there's a page listing different DEM file types and where to get 'em.

Badda Bing, Badda Boom! MacDEM is way cool. I downloaded. I read enough to learn that you can drag and drop the DEM file icon onto the MacDEM app icon. Voila! It opens! Then export to .pgm file (portable Gray map).

Import into Bryce. In less than two minutes I imported a DEM that Bryce otherwise would not import.

Am I a happy camper or what? :D

Now I have merged together the four lower resolution (3 arc second) SRTM DEMs that make up the greater Los Angeles area, then imported them into Bryce. A few wrinkles along the way, but here's the result... home sweet home....

home sweet home dem:

The heights are exaggerated in this...

What's the USGS up to? A friend sent a link to The National Map. The Fact Sheet has samples of different data types to be supported.

Here, tiled together in MacDEM from 6 tiles, is southeast Utah:

southeast utah dem:
Surface appearance is from the Bryce Hoodoo material I made for the cover of Real World Bryce 4.