Thursday, May 16, 2002  [!]

matters of the heart I'm doing some heart research.. how it works, trying eventually to find the page that calculates the number of times your heart has beat in your lifetime (based on age). Until I come across that page, I'll be posting other good heart finds I come across along the way...

PBS Nova: Amazing heart facts number of beats in a day; how far blood travels, aorta diameter, etc.

Found it!! Heartbeat Calculator Enter your age and the number of times your heart beats in 15 seconds, and see how many times it beats per minute, per hour, per year, and in your lifetime. (AlsoŚ related calculations of things such as how much blood your body pumps per day.)

Prescott fire Just talked to a friend in Prescott whom I hope to see next week when I'm at BryceCamp. She said that there's been a big fire there. Here's the Arizona Republic story on the fire. (She hears it's 95% contained now; verrry quick work for a fire that broke out yesterday!)