Tuesday, May 14, 2002  [!]

Duct Tape A friend sends the url to the Duct Tape fashions site. I've seen it before, but it's worth a re-visit.

The recent story about the Downtown LA freeway traffic sign that was, well, a volunteer effort by artist Richard Ankrom? I saw it last night. The guy did a good job! : )

Shuttle Launch Time's getting closer! :D (launch May 30th). STS-111 will be the 14th shuttle mission to visit the International Space Station.

NASA has a number of pages related to the launch:

Zooooom! Whee. Just ordered a Nikon telephoto adapter, so I should be able to get some good pictures of the launch, too. :D It'll show up tomorrow.

Rolling in Central Florida I'd like to learn about places to rollerblade in the Cocoa Beach area..... hmm. not finding much. Bummer, especially after I was skating on Santa Monica beach yesterday. There is some discussion of skating in Orlando (I mean, hey, there's got to be stuff to do in Orlando besides contributing to Disney's bottom line, right?) More on Orlando-ish area skating. Seems that the West Orange Trail is totally the place to go. 19 miles of paved trail by a lake. Bike and blade rentals. coolio.

Aah! maybe I should look up bike trails; here's mention of a 15-mile beach trail in Melbourne Beach, south of Cocoa Beach. Cool. I'll pack the blades. Not as well traveled as camera and computer, but they've already earned some frequent flyer miles.