Thursday, May 9, 2002  [!]

Evening sky report: It's a good thing to gather at the family homestead with a coupla visting brothers, a sister in law and my gorgeous baby niece, go out on the back porch and see five—count 'em five— planets all in the same portion of the sky. Counting the planet I see every day at my feet and all around me, that makes 6 planets, the entire known solar system up till the days of telescopes.

I have it on good authority that Saturn is 10 AUs from us—10 astronomic units... that's 930 million miles from here.

Now I'm going to show my brother how to make a hypertext link. But before that I have to accept a certain amount of guff from him about why "till" is spelled with two ells, whereas it stands for until, or 'til, which has only one. Any explanations?

Oh, and the link. After brotherly guff like that, I'll make the link to's till and until entries.

There. we read it and learned about the history and etymology of till and until.

::::rolling eyes::::::

But wait! No, my brother says. Let's check out another source (I always go to mirriam-webster-dot com, he assures me).

(and some of my friends wonder where I get that kinda attitude. Family. What can I tell you?)

So, if this will help my brother with his HTML tag learning, then I'll do it.

Mirriam Webster... aw geez. Mirriam Webster won't let you use the actual URL with the search string in it. That's the first and last time I use their site.