Wednesday, May 8, 2002  [!]

The Big Sleep When the clock radio is set to a public radio station that plays music in the morning, the clock strikes time, the radio comes on, and waking up happens musically, gently. When that same radio station is doing their public radio funddrive, time strikes, the radio comes on, and I have bizarre dreams in which the population of my collective unconscious are all about pushing support for public radio. It's bizarre, in dream form.

The Big Lie Adam Curry, who had firsthand information about the assissination of Pim Fortuyn from his friend who was at the radio station and on hand, describes media bias in his essay, The Big Lie.

The Big Character Assassination More on Adam Curry's weblog, links to various sources discussing the character assassination accompanying the Pin Fortuyn assassination.

(note to self: Assassinate has two sets of double-esses. And two As among all those esses. There. now we got that straight!)