Monday, May 6, 2002  [!]

Okay, they're not stars, they're planets...

CS Monitor: Five Good Reasons to Dine Al Fresco in May...reasons being Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury. I dined al fresco last evening, but there was a big building immediately to the west. Hope to get it together tonight. Planetary Alignment Peaks Sunday and Monday (May 5-6. Hey... that's TODAY!)

Hey, and while we're on the subject....

Space Shuttle Mission STS-111 arrives at launchpad Flight readiness Test is complete. Cool. Very very cool. Later this month, I'm gonna watch that baby fly!! :D

WWDC Keynote coverage What's Apple got up its sleeve for developers?

More Bryce fun: I've been continuing to play in the Deep Texture Editor, and stumbled on something I've always wanted to do... Desert Varnish. Desert Varnish—the dark streaks on cliff faces. I associate it with Zion national park, but it's all over. Here's a quick study of a texture:

desert varnish study: a study of desert varnish (streaks of darker rock where water has drained over years and years) I've wanted to do this for a long time