Friday, May 3, 2002  [!]

I've been playing in Bryce of late, in preparation for the upcoming Bryce Camp in Sedona (May 20 - 24, and yes, there's still room if you wanna be there!!)

You know, that app—Bryce—is fun. I forget that, and re-discover it again. Now is re-discovery.

What am I going to teaching? The DTE—Deep Texture Editor, a place of algorithmic procedures and the appearances of things.

A while back, at the beach in Carpinteria, I picked up a bunch of rocks from the beach. And I hope to lead everyone in an exercise where we can reproduce the basic look of those stones.

Should be fun.

carp beach:

pile of rocks:

i was not only collector:
I was not the only one on the beach fascinated by the rocks and picking up a few to examine more closely.

put a pebble in my shoe:
This reminds me of the lyrics from By My Side—you know... 'I'll put a pebble in my shoe'... only with this one, I've filled my shoes with rather large pebbles!

assembled rocks:
Here's the group!