Tuesday, April 23, 2002  [!]

Today's gardening/cooking class was all about roses. Wait a second; what? Roses.. to cook..and eat?! Yes! Indeed.

Pictures n menu to come...

Speaking of food... Sea Life Struggles with Abundant Icebergs, Satellites Show Remember those Antarctic Icebergs breaking up? "Icebergs that have broken off from the Ross Ice Shelf in recent years appear to have caused a 40 percent reduction in the size of the 2000-2001 plankton bloom in one of Antarctica's most biologically productive areas, researchers said."

Hey, Doc! You said you wanna know about when rockets are to launch from Vandenberg? Aqua —a satellite, not an operating system appearance— is scheduled for May 2 launch; it will study the planet's water cycles.

While I'm on my space theme (what can I say? I'm looking at space.com), Space Junk is all that stuff out in orbit. NASA has an office that keeps track of it, but what of funding it? If you check out the article, don't overlook the images of space junk.