Saturday, April 20, 2002  [!]

Earthquake Weather What is it with New York? First they've got this drought, then this morning there's a 5.1 quake. It happens to be near the "family homestead" so I'm more than a little interested in it. Plus, if you're near the epicenter, a 5.1 is a quake worth talking about. (heh, but my computer room is seismically sensitive, techically on the 3rd flooró a 2-floor over garage condo, and my monitor will start bobbling if there's even a minor quake nearby) CNN News (includes a decent map), Yahoo News, and a weblog entry of Amy Langfield, who is in New York by way of CA, so she knows the routine of estimating magnitudes. Plus, she pointed to the USGS page on the quake and Quakes in NY

The L.A. Times Festival of Books is next weekend. Tickets (free) for sessions are available tomorrow at all tickemaster outlets. But at the Ticketmaster web site, there's no link to "find closest ticketmaster location." Google is good at the drill down, though, no thanks to the idjjits who designed the Ticketmaster site. (I was all set to go last year, tickets in hand and everything... but the festival's first day was the day my grandfather died.)