Thursday, April 11, 2002  [!]

Why am I not surprised? Enron Accused of Manipulating Prices

Enron Corp. drove up electricity prices during California's energy crisis by swapping large amounts of power among companies it controlled and intentionally tying up the power grid, state officials told Congress on Thursday.

[...] "These were sham transactions, causing the price to rise with each supposed sale," Loretta Lynch said. "The same individuals were managing these companies. They had the same employees, trading with themselves."

The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law is like the attacks on September 11th Was anyone listening to NPR's All Things Considered yesterday and hear the story about all the people legally challenging the campaign finance reform bill with the sound clip of the lawmaker who compared the signing into law of the campaign finance reform bill with the attacks of September 11th?

The sorry excuse this elected windbag offered for the comparison is that America was attacked on Sept 11, and some essential part of the country was also attacked with the enacting of the law. I wanna know the name of that idiot. Anyone? Didja catch it? (so far, searching NPR Archives gets 0 results. It musta been in the latest news segments because I don't see it listed here )

Oh yes, mister lawmaker, sir, I think that a law limiting the amount of soft-money contributions to finance the electoral process is totally on par with the horror of watching planes fly into buildings, those filmic firebombs, watching people plummet 100 floors to their deaths, the panic, the loss of thousands of lives, the pall of ash and the whole ensuing aftermath. Yeah, I get the comparison, honorable lawmaker. You are so right. And I feel so sorry that you lost a source of income, too. My heart goes out to you. That kind of a loss is definitely worth at least 500 dead people and a changed skyline. Nope, I'll double that and make that worth 1000 dead people. Mister lawmaker, sir, you have such a great sense of proportion!

Oh, and you're initiating a lawsuit to challenge the new law, Mister Lawmaker? Well, all I can say is, "Let's roll!"

(Let's not even mention how the buying of senators and representatives by corporations also attacks something fundamental about this government of the corpor—uh, I mean, of the people, by the people and for the people. —disclaimer: yes, it's true; I'm no expert on the implications of said campaign finance reform law, either.)

hmmmmm Maybe the person I heard was Mitch McConnell? Don't know. It looks like it was a quote from a Capitol Hill news conference yesterday.

Thanks to Stan Krute who offered more info about McConnell.

While we're on the subject Porkbarrell spending by Congress, compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste [via dangerousmeta]. My favorite in the 2002 PigBook? $273,000 for the Blue Springs (Missouri) Youth Orchestra Outreach Unit for educational training to combat Goth culture. Cool! This kinda stuff is great to think about while I'm doing taxes!

Too Funny! I'm listening to an interview with Susan Ford, daughter of President Gerald Ford, about a new mystery novel called Double Exposure . Talking of life in the White House, and how she was able to go to her father's office. She said that she'd go into his office (most often because she needed money and Mom wasn't around), and interrupt a meeting her father was having with, say, Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and hit up her dad for money. She said there was no better way to get him to give money than to ask him in a meeting with those other men in the room.

New Google Macro Cool! Does Weblogger work with the new Google macro? { ("susan kitchens")}

Nope, not yet