Tuesday, April 9, 2002  [!]

Garlic Garden is down here.

A long long time ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away Is this image from the first scene in the original (oldest) Star Wars movie? Or is it a photo from orbit of the current space shuttle mission?

shuttle star wars:          shuttle rightsideup:

oy vey More on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Guardian's special report on Israel and the Middle East has an article Portrait of a War— a description of the events from 20 individuals—Israelis, Palestinians, and outsiders describing a day in the life of the conflict.

Shimon Peres, in an article in Ha'aretz calls the Israeli Defense Force operating in Jenin a "massacre."

Times of India: First Muslim Buried in Jesus' Birthplace. [via dangerousmeta] Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise

Whither Waste? Nevada Triggers Nuclear Waste Battle in Congress Nevada Governor vetoes Bush's recommendations to store the nation's nuclear waste at Yucca Flats. Now it goes to both houses of congress, which has 90 legislative days to override or sustain the governor's veto.

Do the Math:
Senate term = 6 years
House of Representative term = 2 years
President of United States term = 4 years
Governor of Nevada term = 4 years
Human Lifespan: ~70 years
Atomic Age= 57 years and counting
Halflife/Toxicity of nuclear waste=10,000 years.
1 Halflife/toxicity life = 142 lifetimes = 175 atomic ages = 1666.7 Senate Terms = 2500 Presidential/Governor terms = 5000 H of Rep terms

OS X — last holdouts There's a Retrospect update for OS X. What with that and Photoshop for OS X, there's no reason to stay with the older Operating system. Even Quicken has an OS X version.

Garlic Garden

Class Week 1 | Class Week 3

garlic clove: Today's gardening and cooking in a Mediterranean Garden class at the Arboretum was on a topic that no vampire would dare consider: garlic.

As usual, I took tons of pictures, and the menu was scrumptious, but I must do more Quicken tasks for taxes before indulging in a Photoshop picture-making and uploading fest for these pages. In the meantime, I offer you factoids and links:

California is garlic-growing country: The majority of the nation's garlic is grown in California. We eat tons of it, too. Like a quarter of the whole crop. This place ain't no Transylvania, despite the numerous Saturday night Rocky Horror screenings around here.

Garlic Farm: Filaree Farm in Washington State is the source of all good things garlic, including books about Garlic, one of which came particularly recommended: Garlic Garlic Garlic

Garlic Storage and Duh! moments. Garlic needs cold to sprout; it's best planted between November and January. Some varieties—the Hardnecks, which are preferred by gourmets, require the ground to be frozen in order to grow and produce well. For southern california? forget it (unless you're talking about the mountains). So what's the well Duh moment, then? When storing garlic, don't put it in the fridge; else it thinks that it's time to grow. Instead, give it a dark place. Those little garlic storage doohickeys are better.

The cooking and eating. Text to come after some sleep...

knave of tarts:    

more cutting red pepper:    cut pepper demo:

don't do this at home:    don't do detail:

onion broth:    pan of onion marmalade:

roulade pan:    cutting beef roulade:

serving up:    plate garlic plate:

garlic tart closeup:    pasta salad closeup:

onion marmalade closeup: