Monday, April 8, 2002  [!]

With renewed enthusiasm (and a bit of deadline terror), I sit down to do those tasks for taxes. Discover that my old password for my Quicken file doesn't work. Did I change it? I vaguely recall fiddling with it a while back. I remember reading someone's great post to an article on good password behavior. On the other hand, the "invalid password" file has the same save date as another file of mine that went bellyup—maybe a bad crash that took down the data files of everyone with it? Quick: which is faster, racking brain for possible new passwords, or re-inputting data? Sigh. At least the latter course has a guaranteed outcome. Sigh.

It's great, this business of following good advice and repeatedly changing passwords to keep 'em fresh. But then you have to remember the new ones. Argh! Gnash!

Shuttle did launch. JRobb reminisces about two shuttle launches he saw while pointing to Chris Gulker's pix from the Kennedy Space Center and description of hanging out in those parts. Here's a month-old Astronomy Picture of the Day of the March 1 shuttle launch. (I hope to post many pictures of the next shuttle launch, June 1???)

Not quite harmonic convergence: Rare Planet Alignment in April and May 2002 Five planets gather in same part of our sky. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn grouped together; Jupiter won't be far away.

Thinking about the next shuttle launch and a telephoto attachment for my Coolpix 950, I ran across this page, where Denny Cannon is doing astral photography with a coolpix and a big ol' telescope. Wow.

There seem to be more options than the Nikon-offered 2x lens. Like a monocular lens, for instance, or a spotting telescope.

Whew! Found a review of the Nikon teleconverter lenses. One problem is knowing how to refer to the things on google searches. Finally came up with pay dirt with this phrase: nikon coolpix telephoto converter.

Sigh. gotta get back to Quicken....