Wednesday, April 3, 2002  [!]

Moon shot I missed Monday's Astronomy Picture of the Day, which is new visual data about the moon taken by the Hubble telescope. Cool!

Middle East Blogs: Electronic Intifada Diaries, TalG in Jerusalem

Hollings Fallout Jeremy Bowers: The CBTPA is Immune to (Conventional) Criticism. Read it.

Herb Caen San Francisco Chronicle is celebrating Herb Caen Days from April 3 - 7.

'Nother Blog Bashing Article Fallout The best part of all the hoo-hah over the Alex Beam column in the Boston Globe? Discovering Lileks, whom Beam dissed. Lileks is a treasure; I'll be back (He's even got a regular newspaper column in addition to his blog). Ya gotta love blogging, where bloggers post the entire email correspondence behind the column.

Space Shuttle Tomorrow's the next Space Shuttle Launch. Nando Times: NASA's 'secret' launch time not much of a secret. [via Al]

The Space Shuttle Launch Schedule. Tomorrow's launch is at 6 pm. Scoble and Buzz Buzz are gonna watch it. STS-111, originally scheduled for May 6, has been pushed back to NET May 31 (NET= No earlier than). If all goes well, I'll be at that one. : )