Friday, March 22, 2002  [!]

The longer days is the ongoing trend. Sunrise and Sunset are at due east and west. They're creeping north, though.

Why I love the net reason # 4,392. I looked up the name of a childhood friend on Google. Her first name and last name are unusual. Something between 5 and 10 links show up; one of them is a list of people who are in her kind of business, and lo, there was even a phone number. So now, after more years than we care to count, we are back in touch. Hey, D!

Sigh. My data file for Claris Organizer went kablooey. After searching for info on it, and downloading the new verion by Palm (who bought Organizer from Claris), I tried merging the file into a new one. Alas, no, it did not work. I think it's the data file that's corrupted, not the app. And that was my calendar. Aiyeee!!!! When was the last time I backed up my computer? Did you have to ask such uncomfortable questions?