Wednesday, March 20, 2002  [!]


Happy Spring! It's the first day of Spring in the planet's northern hemisphere. First day of Autumn in parts south.

Today's Sun-earth day , a celebration of the equinox. I have it on good authority that today a local space-related lab has a telescope set up to look at the sun. I have been outside today. Yep. The sun is up there in the sky!

antarctic ice shelf thumb: Speaking of sun in the sky and the planet's southern hemisphere, an enormous floating ice shelf has broken off and fallen into the sea. has the AP story, with some NASA/MODIS images (of which this is one). It's been there at least 12,000 years (time of the last Ice Age), and it's about the size of Rhode Island.

When the weather turns warmer, expect scattered outbreaks of warfare. L.A. Times: U.S. General Says Enemy Is Regrouping

He predicted more Al Qaeda activity in the months ahead as the weather improves.

"This is traditionally the campaigning season. The end of March and into April and somewhat into May. So we expect to see some increased enemy activity," he said.

Million Clown March in Santa Cruz draws 80 clowns. I just wonder if anyone familiar with the movie Shakes the Clown yelled phrases like, "He's a mime! Get 'im!!"

This is 'Like' a Problem

Despite my best efforts to avoid this affliction, I discovered that “like” is completely contagious. While at home over winter break I mentioned that I was “like” so excited to be back in England. My father, always a stickler for pure language pulled the car over and asked if I wanted to get back on the plane.

NYT: The Fear Beneath the Burka "Just as the repression of Afghan women represented the political extremism of the Taliban, the shrouded figures of Afghan women today signify that real peace is elusive. "

The Great Nostalgia kick, for you Southern Californians: The Helms Bakery Truck. Did it come down your street? It did mine. Oh when the back doors were opened! Oh those wooden trays with all those wonderful donuts! And oh how wonderful to have a coin to give to the Helms Bakery driver, who'd put it in the coin-holder on his belt. That coin would get you and maybe your brothers and neighbors some wonderful donuts.

Vocabulary check: Okay now, what do you call those paper thingums used to grab baked goods:

More yummm My neighbor told me about this local dumpling restaurant that's not too far away. Now the L.A. Times has visited so the place will be discovered and a little more crowded. Better wait a few weeks and go at an off-hour. But I still wanna try it out.