Tuesday, March 19, 2002  [!]

It's the last day of winter. It doesn't seem like it; my jasmine's blooming and I smell other delicious fragrant plants when I walk outdoors.

Here's one last tweaked palm photo from my series of photos of Palm Canyon. Yes, I diddled around in Photoshop for this one.

test blur lighten:


NASA to keep Shuttle Launch Times Secret Until Day Before Liftoff. Estimates are in a 4-hour period. But it's not as bad as having to wait for a utility repair person; 24 hours ahead of time, you get the real launch time. Here's hoping I tell you all about the launch in early May on this site! :D

The Guardian: History of tatooing revealed

Chicago Tribune: Bush-Senate fight brews over extent of U.S. secrecy.

New York Times: Andersen misread depths of government's anger.

Everyone's focused on the outcome of the HP of the HP Shareholder vote. Early Results: Merger is a go.

Slang Watch: In times of terror, teens talk the talk "Their bedrooms are 'ground zero.' Translation? A total mess. [...] Petty concerns? 'That's so Sept. 10.'"

Washington Post: Top Al Qaeda Official Captured in Sudan

Yummmmmmmm! I went to the Arboretum today to attend a class: Gardening and Cooking in a Mediterranean Climate. One hour Gardening lecture; One hour cooking demonstration—and tasting! Jill Vig taught the gardening section, and Steven Mary, chef at Pasadena's Huntington Ritz-Carlton is our chef. Today's focus: citrus. I took pix of the second half. Let your mouths water a little.

The menu:

cutting basil: Steven Mary demonstrates chiffonade— a way to cut several rolled up basil leaves for the salad. (thanks to Al for the link)

basil afterwards: Et voilà! Here are the basil leaves after they've been cut into smaller strips.

supreming orange: Supreming is the process of removing citrus fruit from the membranes, pith (peel) and seeds. Here's a demo of the cutting technique.

dress salad with tongs: Steven Mary dresses the salad greens (mostly watercress, tho there's that bit of basil mixed throughout).

cured salmon: This is salmon cured with a citrus mixture, or citrus gravlox.

salad compote salmon: The first course, served on the finest paper plates: Salad (the supremes are spooned over the dressed greens), a kumquat compote, and the citrus gravlox. It was all to die for!

brulee blowtorch: The dessert is a citrus brûlé— half a citrus fruit, with a little brown sugar on top burned (brûlé means burn) with a blowtorch (look for the blue flame in this picture). If you don't have a blowtorch, use your gas broiler.

serving dessert: Here chef Steven Mary serves dessert: the citrus brûlé topped with a scoop of citrus sorbét. Yum!

See the next cooking class: April 2-Olives

egosurf Tom, oh Tom who wishes to climb up Google's ranks for Tom. Right, Tom? Tom! (Should I even try to do this for Susan? I do better with kitchensjust check! )