Friday, March 15, 2002  [!]

What are the Ides of March (besides the day after Albert's and the day before my Dad's birthday)? One month before taxes are due! Beware the Ides of March!

New Scientist: BT hyperlink patent claim hits legal obstacle

British Telecommunication's controversial claim to have patented internet hyperlinking faces a substantial legal obstacle after a US judge ruled that the patent in question applies only to "a single device" at the heart of a network of access terminals.
Blue Jet You've heard of the green flash? How about a Blue Jet? (a blue jet is a "thunderstorm's electricity tickling the fringes of outerspace")

UPDATE I just got email from my brother, who flies big jets for the Air Force. He just read the above and told me what he just saw on a flight in Asia.

Well we took off ... and flew over to here though a lot of convective/thunderstorm activity (at night), and we witnessed some of the strangest "St Elmo's Fire"/electrical discharge activity right in front/on our cockpit window--a ghosty/electrical blue that everyone who saw it said it looked like rain (we all kind of mistook it as rain at first)--yet we were at 35000 feet MSL and above most of the clouds so it couldn't be rain-- it was unlike anything any of us had ever experienced before, and some on the crew have been flying since the 70's...then later on we went thru some more of the same & saw some discharges that danced around in more of the common fashion-- randomly jumping around like the discharge activity that is more commonly experienced on a jet's leading shock-wave area as it penetrates an area of charged ions or whatever the hell is resultant in the high areas of and above highly convective clouds/thunderstorms.

oh, the ion-ry! ; )

Florida Today via Panel: NASA Must Upgrade Space Shuttle Now

Remember all the "Microsoft has grown up now; we want to be trustworthy" hooplah in my Steve Ballmer/CeBIT links from a coupla days ago? I missed the Reuters story that Microsoft and DOJ are working together to fight terrorism. John Robb puts pieces together: US DOJ and MSFT in cahoots; and Ballmer's trying to get the same thing happening in Europe.

Historical perspective: Time Europe has a TIME Trail of the Arab-Israeli Conflict