Thursday, March 7, 2002  [!]

Some Winter Yet Oh, those Californians. Rain, when it falls, is blogworthy. Okay, so sue me. It rained in the last 24 hours. Why do I care? Cause it's looking to be a drought year.

¡Bienvenidos, El Niño! CNN: El Niño 2002: how big a punch?

Photos of Pentagon Attack Earlier I followed Craig's link to Follow the Boeing (can you see the plane that crashed into the Pentagon). Just now I went to the Washington Post after hearing a news story on NPR (the Post wasn't mentioned, I just went for Wash CD-based coverage) and lo, the lead story was this: New Photos Show Attack on Pentagon. Did CNN, which obtained and broadcast the pictures, do so because Follow the Boeing was the top story on Daypop?

Findlaw: The Mouse That Ate the Public Domain: Disney, The Copyright Term Extension Act, and eldred V. Ashcroft

Here's Looking at You, Nebula! Hubble gets a new eye

"Very good guys, you did an excellent job," astronaut Richard Linnehan radioed from Columbia's flight deck. "You guys have paved the way for a lot of Ph.D.s in the years to come."